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Mar 19, 2018

Music Monday - Townes Van Zandt

Townes' ability to turn all the striffe and sorrow in his life into music was a skill not many have. With just his rugged voice and lonesome guitar, he could write songs of love, heartbreak, and everything in between. Give this record a listen and stay posted for next week!


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Mar 12, 2018

Music Monday - Slowdive

Made by one of the most influential shoegaze bands from the 90’s, Soulvaki changed the sonic landscape of music forever. From roaring guitars that don't even sound like guitars, to the two Brian Eno appearances, this album can be pretty daunting and maybe even a little over stimulating for some. I bet you can handle it tho!


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Mar 5, 2018

Music Monday - Klô Pelgag

Sleek but quaint. Soft but griping. Klô's orchestral arangments compliment her songs in a way that serves only to strengthen her already strong songwriting. At the peak of this album's theatrics, it pays homage to some of the best indie pop that has come out in the last 10-20 years.


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Feb 26, 2018

Music Monday - The Sundays

I'm going to jump straight to the point. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic is amazing. The light musical arrangement, jangly guitar leads, and Harriets floating vocal melodies blend together to create an album that's as fulfilling as it is refreshing. Perfect for a rainy day!

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Feb 19, 2018

Music Monday - Jorge Ben Jor

Jorge's 1970 album Fôrça Bruta is energetic, lush, and joyful. From trainwhistles to the soft timbre of the nylon string acoustic gutar, Jorge's voice communicates not through language, but through emotion. Don't let this Brazilian Pop Music intimidate you. It's very relatable, and very intoxicating.

Give it a spin! 


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Jan 8, 2018

Heríam - I Will Wake

Heríam releases "I Will Wake" - the second single in his string of releases. With an easy listening groove, meaningful message, and inspiring soundscape, this song was a joy to bring into existence. "I Will Wake" features Macy McKinzie on background vocals. Hope you enjoy.
iTunes - Listen Here
Google Play - Listen Here
Spotify - Listen Here

Jul 8, 2015

Album Review | Video in My Stereo | DFW.COM

Thanks to for the review on our second record release, Video in My Stereo!

"Dallas-based singer-songwriter Adam Case showcases a little bit of everything on his debut album, Video in My Stereo.

The laid-back opener, Better Love, might conjure visions of a countrified John Mayer, but not long after, on Jack and Kate (Try), the Wichita, Kan., native Case spins 180 degrees and delivers a majestic, pop-rock anthem.

Later on, the aptly titled Sexy Lady goes for a sultry, bluesy feel, which makes for a compelling contrast with Case’s smooth, limber voice.

Such surprising dexterity continues throughout Stereo’s 10 songs, accumulated over the last few years and recorded with help from producer Levi Bradford.

Case’s record is also noteworthy for being the second release from Bradford’s Frisco-based label, Noise Umbrella (which handled the terrific and criminally overlooked Anna Robyn Thomas record, which Bradford also midwifed, earlier this year). Thus far, Noise Umbrella has displayed a discerning ear, coupled with a knack for cultivating unknown talents and a dedication to polished product.

Here’s hoping we hear more soon from Case, Thomas and their label home."

Direct link here:

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Jun 16, 2015

VIDEO IN MY STEREO - Debut Album - Adam Case

We are thrilled to release our second full length as a label. Adam Case with Video in My Stereo. These 10 tunes were recorded over the span of 3 or 4 years.. Plugging away a little bit here and there when time allowed, or when players were in town. We tracked them at different times, with different gear, and at different studios. We chose to let each song go where it naturally wanted to go. This means the only tie point between the tunes is Adam's vocal and a few players. (Drums, Ricky Johnson. Guitar, Scott Fowler) There were many other various players that made the record possible. I guess what made the record most possible was the ambition to move forward, make a statement, and explore. For if it weren't for those thoughts, the music would not exist. We hope you'll take some time to listen, share, support, feel, jam, rock, ect... 

Right now you can get the record for free over at You can also by it on iTunes or on our Shop. Or you can stream it on Spotify or other services like it. 

Much Love! 

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Jun 15, 2015

Pre-Listen | Video in My Stereo | Spotify | Music Monday

Folks, we are proud to present Video in My Stereo, the first full length record released under Noise Umbrella by Adam Case. Spotify has the record streaming early. Listen here:

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May 29, 2015

Video In My Stereo - Available June 16th, 2015

Hey-oo everybody out there! We've got some very special news for you, easiest explained because we are trying to create music/write about/relate things to you and for you. (Not us, always) 

Adam Case is releasing a full length recording via Noise Umbrella on June 16th, 2015. The 10 song collection has been named VIDEO IN MY STEREO. 

This will only be the second major release from our music making company, followed by Anna Robyn Thomas and her effort, SYMPTOMS. 

We are happy to be in a place to create music. We hope you can relate. We hope you can enjoy it. 

See you on the 16th!! 

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Apr 28, 2015

Anna's LP, SYMPTOMS, is now on Pandora

If you're into internet radio, or downtempo tune selections, or the ease of not having to pick your next sonic adventure, we've got a present for you. As of late, Anna's record made it onto Pandora Radio. You can now enjoy the Anna Robyn Thomas station to hear what the algorithms say she sounds like. We have to say, so far SO GOOD!

Thank You to Brandon Lajoie for this stellar picture.

If you'd like to directly support Anna, Symptoms, and our indie music making company, you can purchase the full record here:

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Apr 27, 2015

Music Monday - Cory Henry

Perfect for a cloudy day in DFW. Perfect for a wandering day in your mind. Cory Henry's talent extends the beautiful backdrop of the instrumental fusion band, Snarky Puppy, and enters into a land of it's own with First Steps. 

Sit back and set your mind free.

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Apr 20, 2015

Music Monday - Gabriel Kahane

Here's an album that tells a story, literally. With The Ambassador, Kahane releases a very interesting concept album, and each song is based on a street in California. Using 10 addresses L.A., he writes songs from the perspectives of characters both real and imaginary. The story was adapted into a play and given luminous and mysterious physical life at the Harvey Theater of the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Listen here: 

Gabriel Kahane - The Ambassador - Spotify

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Apr 13, 2015

Music Monday - Børns

Good Lord! Can't get enough of this washy, melodic, catchy indie pop. Believed to be inspired by the West coast, treehouses and the ocean, Garrett Borns releases four monstrous tracks reminiscent of easy 60s vibes, mixed with current soundscapes and memorable story telling. Staying mysterious in this day and age is a hard task, but Børns tends to take to it. We hope you'll enjoy this little EP. 

Spotify Link: Børns - Candy

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Apr 6, 2015

Music Monday - Amber Run

"5AM" - Amber Run

British piano indie rock band, Amber Run, has consistently impressed me with their command of melody and atmosphere. This newest single, the title track from their upcoming debut full-length, is no exception. Although older releases contained a beautiful folk energy (see "Noah" and "Kites"), "5AM" follows the slow-burning ballad sound that saw their 2014 single "I Found" gain buzz around the web. One critique is that despite Joe Keogh's obvious vocal talent, the band will have to move to separate itself from Coldplay comparisons and mediocre reviews. I see potential here to tap into an emotional vein that related Indie bands so often miss. Their prior release's title track, "The Pilot," and the now-missing folk sound is what I'd like to hear more of on their upcoming full-length debut, available April 27th. 

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Mar 30, 2015

Music Monday - Madlib

Shades Of Blue: Madlib Invades Blue Note - Click to Stream

Madlib gets his hands on the catalogue of Blue Note Records, a New York Jazz Label established in 1939. Using made up versions of himself playing different instruments, he samples, creates and chops these old recordings into instrumental hip-hop art. It truly is a unique culture collision from decades apart. Check it! 

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Mar 23, 2015

Album Review from

Thanks to for the kind words about our first record release through Noise Umbrella!

"Mere minutes into Denton singer-songwriter Anna Robyn Thomas’ debut, Symptoms, an astonishment takes hold: This artist is just 19 years old?! “Wise beyond her years” is a far-too-frequently deployed cliche when it comes to teenage musicians, but in the case of Thomas, where else to begin? These 10 amazingly assured tracks, produced by Thomas and Levi Bradford, are like boarding a sleek roller coaster, full of hairpin turns hurtling these alt-pop songs in vivid new directions. Thomas has clearly studied the St. VincentRegina Spektorplaybook, but wisely tossed it aside in favor of forging her own path. From the harrowing ( Little Albert) to the happy ( Jamestown), Thomas needs just 31 minutes to leave a massive impression."

Direct link here:

If you'd like to support Symptoms, you can download it here:

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Music Monday - Chris Joss

French multi-instrumentalist Chris Joss takes us on a wild journey through Funk and Afrobeat with his 2009 Album, Sticks. Exploring new instruments like the sitar, flute, and upright bass, this instrumental album is sure to provide the grooves for the rest of your day... or week... We were caught first by the tune, Tune Down. 

Thanks for chiming in! We hope you'll join us in listening. 

Album link here:

Chris Joss - Sticks 

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Mar 16, 2015

Music Monday - Syd Dale Orchestra

Want an absolute escape from modern reality? Put some headphones on, go walk around culture (drive, walk, run, work in an office and look around,) and play some of the beautifully arranged music by Syd Dale and his Orchestra. If you're not immediately transported into a time of yester-year, wait. Continue such tasks and surely you'll find an avenue of your imagination you didn't know was there, or haven't frequented in some time. 

And if you get really bored, go YouTube 60s easy listening music. See you later. 

Spotify Link:

Syd Dale Orchestra - Love Isn't Just For The Young Volume 20

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Mar 9, 2015

Music Monday - Brandi Carlile

"We didn't make any demos. To me rock and roll isn't really a genre but more of recklessness or a risk," Carlile told NPR. "The more something gets ironed out and sure of itself, the less it begins to rock somehow."

With The Firewatcher's Daughter, Brandi Carlile delivers an intimate collection of rock infused western songs. There's angst. Closeness. Bold Declarations. Hard Truths. Most of all there's a real person in there. 

Listen here:

Brandi Carlile - The Firewatcher's Daughter

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